VueMinder Pro

An all-purpose calendar and to do list in one

VueMinder Calendar Pro is a comprehensive desktop calendar that allows you to organize your life by the minute. View full description


  • Many different color options
  • Alter the way your dates and time are displayed
  • Change the opacity level in one click
  • Extensive help tutorials built-in and online


  • Takes time to learn some advanced features

Very good

VueMinder Calendar Pro is a comprehensive desktop calendar that allows you to organize your life by the minute.

It can initially be a little overwhelming to realize just how many different options you have available to you on VueMinder Calendar Pro. You can choose how you want your calendar to look, how you want the dates and times displayed, and even what day of the week comes first on your calendar. You can also choose a skin for your calendar in a variety of different color schemes and preview it before making your final choice. If you don't like the level of transparency, that can be changed quite easily as well.

VueMinder Calendar Pro also stands out from the crowd of calendar programs in that it allows you to set reminders for specific events. Much like more advanced email clients, VueMinder Calendar Pro will notify you before your event is supposed to come due. It's be difficult to miss any future deadlines if you have a notification blinking on your screen fifteen minutes before your project or event is set to take place, for example.

For less advanced users, VueMinder Calendar Pro might seem intimidating, since it has so many options. Fortunately, extensive built-in and online help manuals exist to answer any questions you might have. VueMinder Calendar Pro runs smoothly, and you can control when you want it to disappear entirely through a small icon on your task bar at the bottom of your desktop screen.

This demo version expires after 60 days. If you want to continue using it without paying the licensing fee, there is a free version that retains some of VueMinder Calendar Pro's key features, called VueMinder Calendar Lite.

VueMinder Calendar Pro is a great desktop calendar that is jam-packed with customization options.

A calendar to organize your schedule and provide reminders of events and tasks

Easily organize your schedule with events, tasks, and notes. These items can be linked with contacts or other items, helping you to keep track of not just your schedule, but also the data that goes along with it. Events can be shared over a LAN or synced with Google Calendar and Outlook. Reminders can be configured to pop-up and be sent via email/SMS - both to yourself and others. A variety of calendar views and print styles are also provided.